Why You Want To Purchase A Swim Spa With Wood Cabinets

Some brands of hot tubs tout the so called "maintenance free" plastic cabinet. Plastic has several disadvantages. Appearance aside, plastic is aveery poor insulator, with almost zero R-value. On the other hand the solid cedar we use has good insulation properties making us energy efficient. Our wood cost us more but that is who we are - we don't cut cost, we believe in building a quality hot tub. That is why we are 32 years strong.

Over time plastic can degrade from UV exposure, resulting in unsightly white, chalky surface. Unlike wood you cannot restore the appearance, plus it warps, cracks and bends in some climates.

Wood simply needs to have a sealer applied once a year (NO sanding required) to stay beautiful. Just like there is no car you can purchase where you never need to change the oil, a well-built energy efficient spa, you will have to maintain but, 20 minutes once a year for a well built product is worth it!

We don't use metal frame cabinets. The picture below shows why we use pressure treated wood, just like a house is built! We build a very strong durable cabinet.

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