Swim Spa Maintenance

Swim Spa Maintenance

Oh you'll love this!!!!

Maintaining your swim spa from Spa Manufacturers is nothing like the work of a swimming pool.

We build all our swim spas with an ozone system, not an option.... It's free and included in our price. The ozone reduces your chemical use by 75%. Anyone who tells you there is a system that requires no chemicals.... Keep looking. You are dealing with water and we and you want it clean, crystal clear and healthy.

We have maintenance streamlined to less than 10 minutes a week. No vacuuming or struggling with chemicals. Your swim spa is meant for relaxation, enjoyment and warm water therapy or exercise, and the way we build our swim spas it's all that! The acrylic shell never needs to be resurfaced. We put 7 layers of fiberglass on it and a 20 year warranty..... We've been in business for 38 years.

Buy it, relax and enjoy it. If you have any questions we answer our phones 7 days a week. Everyone that answers our phone has good product knowledge and can answer any questions you might have.... And yes - you are calling us, the factory. Not a store, not a telemarketing company, not someone in another country.... Us.... The company who made the swim spa!

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877 | 530 | 9493
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