Inground and Portable Swim Spas

In choosing a portable swim spa you can decide the perfect location for your swim spa anywhere in your home. Your new swim spa can be placed: in the basement or garage, on the patio or deck, or in the backyard. The benefit of having a portable swim spa is that the swim spa bolts to the floor so should you decide to move, or you wish to change the location of your swim spa in your home, the relocation of your swim spa can be completed reasonably easily.

In addition to manufacturing portable swim spas, we also manufacture inground swim spas for your backyard. An inground swim spa is permanently dug all the way into the ground and set in place, or halfway dug into the ground with a deck surrounding it. The benefits of having an inground swim spa are easier access, stability, and durability.

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The staff are excellent. Ian is THE guy who knows just about everything about your hot tub. After trying to find the correct pump for my older tub for weeks, because of the ridiculous amount of different pumps out there, I gave up and called Spa Manufacturers. Ian looked at a photo, not of the pump, and told me which pump, what year it was made before, and a couple of other stats. Save your time trying to save a buck to find it on your own. The price difference wasn't minimal.

Chad C.

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