Swim Spa Safety Tips

Swim Spa Manufacturers offers quality swim spas direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices. We offer superior spa covers that are beneficial for a variety of reasons. We also provide a list of swim spa safety tips that will help keep everyone safe.

  • Do not permit children to use the spa without adult supervision. Supervise children at all times!!!

  • If you are expecting a child, have high blood pressure, or a cardiovascular condition, seek the advice of your doctor before using the spa.

  • Do not drink alcohol during your spa therapy treatment or workout session.

  • Store chemicals according to the manufacturer's directions and keep them stored high above the reach of children.

  • Set the temperature no higher than 104 degrees.

  • Keep all electrical appliances far away from the spa. Electrical appliances and contact with water can cause electrocution.

  • Keeping water clear and in proper chemical balance and the pool in good repair will also help to ensure the safety of swimmers.
One of the most important swim spa accessories and helpful safety feature is a swin spa cover. The spa cover is heavy enough so small children cannot access the swim spa. Just purchase the spa cover, cover the spa when not in use and than remove it completely when someone is using the spa. Do not forget to cover the spa after each and every use. In addition to the spa cover acting as a safety procaution, it helps maintain cleanliness to the spa.

Remember just beacuse the spa cover is in place, nothing is foul proof... so always supervise children... Click here to view swim spa video now

I own this spa and must say it is great! The product is wonderful, but the people you work with are amazing. The sanitizing system they use is so easy to do and works well without a chlorine odor. I would recommend this product and business without any hesitation.

Jerrie P.

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